块密封产生永久的分子键,它与钢一样强。它可以密封铸铁和铝制发动机块,头部垫圈和冻结塞以及铝和双材料散热器和加热器芯中的裂缝和孔。即使大多数DO-IT overser可以成功使用它,块密封是一种专业级配方,可承受极限压力和温度。

在开始之前,请收集工具并读取所有产品说明。没有遵循正确的指示可能导致严重的发动机损坏。首先,我们将排出冷却系统以去除任何防冻剂。块密封含有与防冻剂不兼容的硅酸钠,所以请记住,请勿将其添加到防冻剂或发动机油或燃料中。通过发动机冷却,拆下恒温器和散热器盖,然后更换恒温器外壳。将加热器控制设置为最大热量并空闲发动机,直至其温暖。关掉发动机,然后排出散热器。确保遵守当地法律法规以进行适当的处​​置。不要将冷却剂倒在地上或暴风雨。关闭散热器排水并用水再填充散热器。 Idle for five minutes to flush any excess antifreeze from the system. Turn off the engine and drain the cooling system. Repeat this process until the water runs clear. For best results, flush the cooling system with K&W seven minute rapid flush cooling system cleaner. Shake the block seal can well and then mix it with three quarts of hot water in a separate container. Small engines may require less than three quarts of hot water mixture. A 1 gallon milk or water container works great if you’ve been seeing white smoke and your exhaust or you think coolant is leaking into a cylinder, remove the spark plugs and check for orange or white crystals or fluid. Remove any effected spark plugs and disable the fuel injection to the affected cylinders before the next step. Add the block seal and water mixture to your radiator. Do not pour the mixture into the overflow tank. If there is no radiator cap, detach the upper radiator hose and add the mix directly into the hose then reattach the hose. Start the engine and immediately top off the cooling system with water. If the vehicle starts to overheat, turn the engine off, allow it to cool, top with water, and restart. Replace the radiator cap and reconnect the radiator hose and then idle the engine for 20 to 30 minutes. Do not drive the vehicle or rev the engine. Stop the engine, let it cool, and then remove the radiator cap and open the radiator drain. Reinstall any spark plugs you’ve removed. Drain the cooling system, but do not flush. With the radiator cap and drain open, allow the drained cooling system to cure for 24 hours. After block seal has been allowed to cure for 24 hours, flush the cooling system with water until it runs clear. Reinstall the thermostat and drain the water, then refill with fresh antifreeze and water solution at the correct concentration and you’re good to go. If the leak persists for more than a week you can repeat the treatment with block seal, but if you’re losing more than a half a gallon of coolant in 30 minutes, no cooling system additive will be able to fix your leak and you’ll need a professional repair. And if you’re not comfortable with following these directions, take your can of block seal to your favorite repair shop and ask them to service your vehicle with K&W block seal. So stop leaks, and start driving with K&W permanent metallic block seal.